Can anyone see my picture?
No, only those who know the correct link can see or report the image! Previews are excluded!

What about the public picture gallery?
When you tag your pictures, they will be displayed in the Public Picture Gallery. Without tags your pictures are still “private”.

How can I add tags to my pictures?
Only registered users can tag and publish their own images.

Which formats can be uploaded?
You can upload JPG/JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIF/TIFF files so far!

What is the maximum file size?
A picture can be up to 10485760 byte, so about 10 MB in size

In which format is the image stored?
Each image is stored in three versions on the server. The original file (BMP and TIF / TIFF files are first converted to JPGs though), the thumbnails and resized images. From the original files two reduced versions are created. The thumbnail (thumb) is maximized with a side length of 200 pixels stored and can be displayed on forums, websites, blogs or the like. In addition, a smaller version is created if a face of the original file should have 800 pixel!

When are the pictures deleted?
Images, uploaded by unregistered users and not clicked since 90 days (direct link) will be deleted automatically from the server.

Why was my picture xy deleted anyway?
Most likely it has violated the rules!

Why was my picture xy locked?
Another user has reported it. If it has never been tested, it remains disabled until the review! Then it is either unlocked or deleted or archived in the internal area!

What does the “deletion link” do and is the picture really gone?
With the “deletion link” an image (and any associated data) will be permanently deleted from the server. The image will be removed after confirming with “YES”, completely (all three versions) from the server and from the database and is no longer available!

What can I do if an image is violating the rules?
Just use the “Report Image” link below the image – and confirm with pressing “Yes”. If the image has never been tested it will be immediately inhibited (for review or delition). If it has been tested a warning will appeer under the picture that the picture has been reported

Why is it not possible to link to images directly?
A visitor needs to see a full size image on a page specially for displaying the images. On this page, the links can be viewed directly (to avoid duplicate upload) and images are reported, which violate the rules!